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Blog - Cancer, Life & Charismatism Tea Company

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cancer, Community Pride & a Matter of Taste

I am working really hard to get the flavors in my new teas to taste just right. I am experimenting like a mad scientist and currently looking into the properties of all kinds of sweeteners. I found a company online that sells powdered molasses and I sent a request for a sample. Then I did what I always do. I googled the company to see what experiences other people had with them.

It turned out that I had stumbled onto what is called Big Agro. A massive company tightly tied to govenment subsidies and scandals from the 90's on. Several of their upper management are still serving prison time. This might not seem like it should impact my decision to utilyze their powdered molasses. But it does.

All the companies I do business with are very forthright about their values. They have working arrangements with indiginous people and Indian tribes in the areas where their produce is farmed. Real people do the harvest and are paid real wages for their work. My companies, my vendors, all the places I shop, I just today realized how much pride we all take in what we are doing. We are working with our communities to share something vital, more than just a product. The only way for all of us to survive is to come together in a worldwide community and share. Share our knowledge and research. Share our fruits and our nourishment. Share our love. Uh, I will not be using that powdered molasses in my formulas. 

12:14 am edt 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zana Super Fruit formula adjustment

I worked with the flavors I have been talking about but I couldn't get them to :marry." All good botanicals in their own right but I couldn't get an affordable pleasant formula with that blend. So I dropped the camu camu and the formula now is the base of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea with macqui berry sweetened with agave nectar and lo han guo. Its not ready for market yet but I'm really really close. Keep you posted!! LOVING the macqui berries!


6:40 am edt 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cancer, Camu camu and Macqui Berry--New Flavor-New Life

I have talked about it for a couple of years and now I've finally done it. I hit some resistence from some of my family about the flavor of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea. Flavor was not my first priority when I came up with this formula 8 years ago. I simply wanted to feel better. 

Now I want to have some flavor that will make this the most attrative health drink option you can find. I looked into all sorts of fruits and sugars and realized early on that I didn't want to compromise anything. The best I could come up with were the best new fruits on the market.

Camu camu comes from Peru and is the highest known antioxidant on the planet. Camu camu is a small orange berry that grows in the mineral rich swampy floodlands of the Peruvian rain forest. Its a Vitamin C powerhouse and helps with mental clarity and all areas of the nervous system.

Second place highest antioxidant and Vitamin C master goes to my other new ingredient, macqui berry from the mountains of Chili. This deep purple berry is called "wine berry" in its homeland and the Indians there have been making teas and wines and medicinal drinks from it for over 1000 years.

Still these two berries alone didn't perk the flavor to the place I wanted so I added more goji berry, pomegranate juice and some agave nectar powder. Now I have the flavor I was looking for and as soon as I can find sources to make this more affordable, I am ready to market the brand new Zana Superr Fruit Sweet Berry flavor for you to try out. For the next month, I am including a free sample of the new flavor with every online purchase.

I don't know if this is "blog worthy" but I'm pretty excited about it.   

10:06 pm est 

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