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What's new at Charismatism Tea Company?

January 10, 2018        Wow! How time flies when you're busy staying alive.  2016 was a blur of radiation implant surgeries and a broken arm. I'm back on my feet and the new batch of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea is almost all in jars and labeled. I found a wonderful acupuncturist in December, 2016, who helped me recover and has played a huge part in introducing me to Chinese medicine and herbal compounds. I was initially too sick to question the concoctions he was packaging up for me to brew each week but I got stronger and stronger and now I found a Chinese Herbalist who has been helping with my education.  


I' ve been under unusual stress this week. If you're one of my local readers, you may know that the OB Noodlehouse (my adjacent neighbor) recently purchased the property where my shop and home are located. I have lived here, in the apartment behind my store, for 9 years. I got a "heads up" phone call from my current building manager that I am being evicted. I'm still not sure exactly what the reason is but apparently I'm being served a 30 day notice tomorrow. I don't know what's going to happen or what I will do. (I'm really glad I already know about Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea!) Those of you who know me, I'm 63 years old with a 17 year old cat and a 20 year old Buick. I spend all my time in my shop making jewelry or brewing teas or in the back room resting and healing. I have nowhere else to go. I'm throwing this out here just in case someone has some idea of what I can do now. Without my shop, I can't afford an apartment and so after 12 years survivning cancer and running a shop that I love --and 9 years living and working here, I'm stuck. An RV, maybe? It's time for me to ask for help. Help. Please.

March 7, 2014

 I finished the 4th edition of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea. In addition, I have a 2nd flavor to add to the family, Zana Super Fruit Sweet Berry. This new formula contains the same base ingredients as Zana13 but has the addition of both camu camu and macqui berry. Its sweet and tart and a wonderful alternative to the earthy flavor of the original formula. I will have it ready for sale by April 2014. Look for it soon. All purchases in the next month will come with a free sample of the new flavor. 

March 2013 
I am pleased to announce the addition of 2 new sales people, Penny Korkko in Laughlin, NV, and Juan Silvio in Rosarito, Mexico. 

July 30, 2012

Hi, Everyone! I am so happy to share my 7 year cancer survivor anniversary with you. I am moving forward with several potentials to make Zana13 as a ready-to-drink beverage and I really hope that we will have a bottled beverage for you to enjoy within the next year. Thank you to all the people who made the leap with me to Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea and a high energy purposeful life. Breathe deeply, laugh often and live long.

February 14, 2012   Happy Valentine's Day!!!

 I received an email recently that made me realize how long it has been since I updated my website. I operate on a shoestring so I can continue to afford the highest quality herbs for my Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea. My computor did not last as long as I have so I haven't been able to update for awhile. The news is all good including the addition of Penny and Juan Jose to the Charismatism Tea Company family. I am excited about Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea reaching a broader audience and I am hoping soon to offer a Spanish translation for my website.

I really thank all of you who have gotten on the Zana Bandwagon and I especially love your emails and testimonials. Keep them coming! To date we have reports of at least 7 survival success stories. Seven of my "Zinkers" (Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea Drinkers...lol), each a cancer patient with a less than 6 month prognosis, have now passed the TWO YEAR mark!! I am so happy for them and proud that my tea played some part in it.  

 Finally, I would be an awful Grandma not to mention the news that my daughter gave birth to another healthy baby girl. That makes 3 granddaughters and most remarkable, I would never have known two of them if I hadn't become proactive about my disease diagnosis. Never give up and never let anyone tell you when you are going to die!


June 14, 2010

News from the front..

First, I apologize for not being available lately. In March I began a simple dental procedure that, frankly, went bad. I contracted something along the lines of bacteremia sepsis from inadequate antibiotics before the procedure. After over 3 months of treatments from dentists, doctors, endodontist and peridontist (let us NOT talk about the financial investment here...) and most helpful, my favorite acupuncturist, Jamie Boyd from Whole Family Wellness Center here in San Diego, I finally got the tooth filled on Monday. I thought I was in the clear until Friday when I got food poison from an egg. I ended up hospitalized and was released today. But, I have the best news of all for you now.  During treatment for the food poisoning at UCSD Hillcrest, they ran a followup CT scan of my cancer. NO NEW GROWTH since my last scan in March 2009!

I'm still on the mend with the rest of my health and I will still be open only limited hours but I actually have so much more good news to share with you all so check back here for all the great plans I have for summer, like iced Zana13, which I will begin dispensing next week for $1.00 a cup. It is a creamy smooth version of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea lightly sweetened with King Leo Peppermint poured over crushed ice and topped with whipped cream abnd peppermint sprinkles! Oh, so yummy and cool. Now help me name the drink. I'm leaning toward Zanoco But there will be wonderful presents for anyone who thinks up a better moniker! I'll keep you posted.


October 1, 2009
 My patent was published today! It is still not officially granted but it is on its way!

September 14, 2009

Press Release-----

Local business owner, Janiece Swilling, proprietor of mozana beads & stones and Charismatism Tea Company has been tapped to exhibit her Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea at the annual CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) for Cancer Conference January 7-9, 2010, in West Palm Beach, Florida.
"They only allow 20 exhibitors so I am really honored that they asked me to be a part of it. I am as happy to be surviving my cancer as I am to have the opportunity to share my tea with others, particularly professionals who understand my formula. This really adds to my product credibility."
The event is sponsored by The Annie Appleseed Project (www.annieappleseedproject.org) and is aimed at and attended by alternative health practitioners as well as those cancer patients who prefer to include evidence-based natural botanical, holistic and spiritual therapies with their cancer protocols.
If you would like more information about the CAM event, The Annie Appleseed Project or Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea, contact Janiece at (619) 757-6547, online at www.charismatism.com or visit mozana beads & stones and Charismatism Tea Company at its new location, 4918 Voltaire Street in Ocean Beach.

July 15, 2009 - I found a new retail location for my shop. I will be moving to 4918 Voltaire Street in Ocean Beach. It is about 3 blocks west of my original location and I am most happy to report that it has a bathroom...

July 1, 2009 - My patent attorney confirms that I am well on the way to owning the patent for Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea.

May 24, 2009 - I am excited to announce Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea has been placed for sale in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Los Angeles, making it the first non-canabis product to be made available in a dispensary in California.

May 12, 2009 - Ultra Flush and BugOut cleanses officially enter the Charismatism Tea Company product line.

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