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Blog - Cancer, Life & Charismatism Tea Company

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cancer, Community Pride & a Matter of Taste

I am working really hard to get the flavors in my new teas to taste just right. I am experimenting like a mad scientist and currently looking into the properties of all kinds of sweeteners. I found a company online that sells powdered molasses and I sent a request for a sample. Then I did what I always do. I googled the company to see what experiences other people had with them.

It turned out that I had stumbled onto what is called Big Agro. A massive company tightly tied to govenment subsidies and scandals from the 90's on. Several of their upper management are still serving prison time. This might not seem like it should impact my decision to utilyze their powdered molasses. But it does.

All the companies I do business with are very forthright about their values. They have working arrangements with indiginous people and Indian tribes in the areas where their produce is farmed. Real people do the harvest and are paid real wages for their work. My companies, my vendors, all the places I shop, I just today realized how much pride we all take in what we are doing. We are working with our communities to share something vital, more than just a product. The only way for all of us to survive is to come together in a worldwide community and share. Share our knowledge and research. Share our fruits and our nourishment. Share our love. Uh, I will not be using that powdered molasses in my formulas. 

12:14 am edt 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zana Super Fruit formula adjustment

I worked with the flavors I have been talking about but I couldn't get them to :marry." All good botanicals in their own right but I couldn't get an affordable pleasant formula with that blend. So I dropped the camu camu and the formula now is the base of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea with macqui berry sweetened with agave nectar and lo han guo. Its not ready for market yet but I'm really really close. Keep you posted!! LOVING the macqui berries!


6:40 am edt 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cancer, Camu camu and Macqui Berry--New Flavor-New Life

I have talked about it for a couple of years and now I've finally done it. I hit some resistence from some of my family about the flavor of Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea. Flavor was not my first priority when I came up with this formula 8 years ago. I simply wanted to feel better. 

Now I want to have some flavor that will make this the most attrative health drink option you can find. I looked into all sorts of fruits and sugars and realized early on that I didn't want to compromise anything. The best I could come up with were the best new fruits on the market.

Camu camu comes from Peru and is the highest known antioxidant on the planet. Camu camu is a small orange berry that grows in the mineral rich swampy floodlands of the Peruvian rain forest. Its a Vitamin C powerhouse and helps with mental clarity and all areas of the nervous system.

Second place highest antioxidant and Vitamin C master goes to my other new ingredient, macqui berry from the mountains of Chili. This deep purple berry is called "wine berry" in its homeland and the Indians there have been making teas and wines and medicinal drinks from it for over 1000 years.

Still these two berries alone didn't perk the flavor to the place I wanted so I added more goji berry, pomegranate juice and some agave nectar powder. Now I have the flavor I was looking for and as soon as I can find sources to make this more affordable, I am ready to market the brand new Zana Superr Fruit Sweet Berry flavor for you to try out. For the next month, I am including a free sample of the new flavor with every online purchase.

I don't know if this is "blog worthy" but I'm pretty excited about it.   

10:06 pm est 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cancer, Life & Charismatism Tea Company

My name is Janiece Swilling and while I've diaried and journaled and chronicled, this is my first attempt at a blog. Actually, I may have read exerpts here and there but I've never even read a blog so this may not be the way it is generally done but I want to help open a dialog with you, the people who come across my website because you are sick. Or tired or scared or overwhelmed.

Some people drink Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea because it just feels really good. Good, high energy with lots of positive attributes. Others have come to my store and my website because they just don't feel good or worse, they just got the most devastating piece of news that they've ever received.

I know a lot about all of those reasons, particularly the last one. In 2005, I got diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic neuroendocrine carcinoma. Cancer. It changed my life on every level. I immediately underwent three separate series of chemotherapy and I had the misfortune of being assigned an oncologist who not only discouraged my personal reading and research, he went so far as to tell me that I was going to die so I should just get used to the idea and say goodbye to my loved ones while I had the chance. He gave me a speculative date for my demise (prior to Christmas) and signed me up for various clinical trials.

I was tired and beat to crap from the chemo but if there was a possibility that I could be the recipient of some new miracle drug, well then, who was I to turn it down? So it was agreed that the pharmaceutical company would provide the $9,000 medication if I signed the paperwork.

I sat on the examination table covered with a white paper tablecloth and began reading the half inch thick document. A lot of the pages were about the chemical composition itself but as I got to the disclaimers and the pages I had to sign, I noticed a recurring theme and a couple of really scary sentences prior to the lines I was supposed to write on. I paraphrase to the best of my recollection:

"You, the patient, understand that this drug has no medical implication for your specific condition. However, since it has been determined that you are imminently terminal, you agree that in exchange for providing this treatment at no cost to you, that you will provide our company with your cadaver for autopsy to determine the extent of damage our drug may have caused."

Well, crap. As bad as I felt, I still couldn't picture myself as a cadaver. As I sat there ruminating over the implications of the words I was reading, I heard laughter coming from the room next door, the doctor's private office. Though I was still dazed, I listened to hear what generated such joy in an oncology office. They talked about golf and paid greens fees and $10,000 bonuses and Hawaiian vacations. I could see through the cracked open exam room door as a well dressed man heartily shook hands with my doctor. He stood outside the door as the doctor came in with pen in hand. He saw the papers still in my hands.

"I want to take this home and talk to my daughter and my husband before I make a decision."

He wouldn't have it. He said I needed to sign it now so that he could give me the drugs. "Here." He held out his hand and showed me several boxes wrapped in a rubber band. "Here it is. You can begin today."

"According to the paperwork, this won't help cure my cancer."

"Of course not. I told you that there is nothing available right now that will cure you. At least this way, you can benefit all mankind by helping get a potential cure ready for market."

"I still want to go home and think about it."

He stormed out of the office and he and the man, amid brusk whispers, went back into his office and closed the door. And left the exam room door wide open while I frantically clutched at the paper tablecloth covering my cold naked body.

I didn't sign the papers, I didn't take the drug and, sorry, mankind. I didn't donate my body to science. I had every intention of retaining it for myself.

The reason I chose to tell you this story to open my blog is because every day, someone finds themself in the same sort of predicament. We have been raised to believe that doctors are gods. Doctors believe they are gods. They can make life continue. They are saviors for desperate sick people.

Don't get me wrong. There are amazing medical doctors with intellect and curiosity and compassion who dedicate their lives to the improvement of the quality of life for people diagnosed with this stupid awful disease. I have come to see, however, that much like any profession, there are some members who are happy collecting their fees and pharmaceutical company kickbacks for pumping useless poisons into patients whose first names they never remember.

The thing I want to do with this blog is tell you that it is not only OK to ask questions, it is a matter of life and death. Interview your doctors and health care providers and advisors like you would interview your mechanic. Write your questions down. Make sure you can be heard and get answers to your questions no matter how stupid you think they might be. Don't let anyone embarrass you or make you feel less valuable to the human race. You deserve to have all the tools available to help you save your life. Read everything you can get your hands on and weigh the information carefully as you consider what to apply. 

I tried all sorts of things when I first divorced chemotherapy and I want to be able to share the things that I've found so that you won't be so scared and you will have a little heads up on what to do next. My original prognosis was less than six months. That was seven and a half years ago. So breathe deep, laugh as often as you can and do something nice just for the hell of it. See ya later. j

2:19 am est 

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