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Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea



This spectacular energizer and de-stressing tea has so many qualities that it is hard to explain why it works but read about these separate ingredients on your own and by following my links and you will begin to understand how I got interested in using them. This tea is a combination that works for both healthy, athletic bodies as well as ill and recovering bodies.
For the athlete, this tea contains non-steroidal anabolic properties that allow the athlete to exercise harder, work out longer, build muscle more efficiently and recover more rapidly from the stress of working out and competing. 
A  formula called "Prime One" utilizing adaptogenic botanicals was developed by the Russian government in the 1950's to legally enhance both the performance and stamina of their Olympic athletes. It was subsequently used by their Cosmonaut program as well. In 1996, over 150 American Olympic athletes included it in their training programs.
For those who have illnesses, who are taking pharmaceutical drugs or are simply feeling worn out, this tea contains plenty of antioxidants and tonic cleansers. I have tried to avoid central nervous system stimulants, such as caffiene, guarana, hoodia, yerba mate or ma huang but I do use a proportionately small amount of green tea, ironically, to help blend the flavors.
There are no known toxic levels of any of the ingredients in my formula with the possible exception of my use of the mild analgesic, white willow. White willow contains the natural chemical that we know commercially as "aspirin" so those who have an aspirin sensitivity or are taking a blood thinner such as Coumadin, should use caution with this product. The primary difference between white willow and aspirin is the stomach discomfort caused by aspirin is absent in white willow.
Anyone with a serious illness or taking prescription medications should, of course, consult their medical practitioner before using my tea or any other botanical or herbal substance.
Do not use these herbs while pregnant or breast feeding.
I have found no problems or adverse drug interactions from any of the people who have used my tea and I intentionally avoided any botanicals with chemical properties that had any known negative interactions or effects. As with any substance you ingest into your body, please read everything you can about it.
My initial batch of 900 jars, while packaged under clean and safe conditions was not completed with FDA approval. The new jars will be in complete compliance with the FDA requirements for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices.) This will be reflected by new labeling that includes their required nutritional information such as calorie content. If this causes you any concern, please wait to purchase until I have my FDA approval.  See Disclaimer
Here are the ingredients I use in Zana13. Each of them is a link to more information about the origins and traditional uses of this botanical. You can also reach the individual botanicals through the Ingredient tab on the left hand Navigation bar.

Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea

8 ounce jar
(2 week supply...1 teaspoon 3 times daily) 

plus $5.50 shipping and handling for 1st jar
$1.80 shipping and handling for each additional jar 
$10.85 Priority mail - up to 4 jars

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