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My Goal
  • To maintain the highest quality ingredients for my products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote better education about healing botanicals.

My name is Janiece. Maybe you remember me as "Mrs. Anderson" in the series "Cheers."  Maybe you don't. Things change.  In 2005, I was working in the midwest as an Emergency Medical Technician when I very suddenly got sick. After two days of terrible upper gastric pain, I finally went to the Emergency Room. There I received a drastic diagnosis of stage 4 cancer with a very poor survival prognosis. I underwent over $100,000 worth of chemo therapy to absolutely no avail except for the horrible physical debilitation that came along with it.  The medical community gave up on me just about the time my insurance possibilities and money gave out. They all suggested I go to my family and make my peace with the world. After the initial shock and chemo sickness wore off, I moved back to California essentially to die in my most comfortable environment.

What happened next was what really made me rally. The better I felt....the BETTER I felt! I know that this sounds odd, but essentially, once I was in my happiest environment and all the stress levels caused by my work and my illness and the therapies that I underwent were behind me, I started actually recovering.  I began reading everything I could get my hands on in libraries, hospitals and the internet about alternative therapies for cancer. I began taking all sorts of botanical products, simply to feel good enough to just get out of bed in the morning. After a time, I realized that I truly did feel better and after a very reassuring visit to the hospital for a CT scan, I found that not only had I not gotten worse as predicted, I actually showed some measurable signs of improvement. The better I got, the more I studied.  I found a group of herbs called adaptogens that primarily grow at altitudes over 10,000 feet above sea level in the countries of China, Tibet, India and Russia.  For centuries, native folks of these countries have used these plants in their basic medical practices. Over 1800 clinical trials have been done to try to isolate the properties of these amazing plants, however, it has only been within the last 10 years that the studies are being translated into English. I took these plants and literally practiced on myself to see what changes I could initiate in my daily health.

I will spend more time in other sections explaining what I came to know about these botanicals but for now, I'll tell you that I noticed more than just an increase in strength and stamina. I noticed that I didn't feel sad anymore. I didn't yell in traffic, (OK, some of you know me...I don't yell as much in traffic) and I was cleaning out closets and actually playing with the "toys" and projects that had been gathering dust. Some of these ingredients were very difficult to find and expensive when I did find them but I had a new sense of purpose and drive and I looked forward every day to new information and new sources to explore. When I found vendors that had any of these herbs in their products, I ordered them and tried them out.

At one time I was taking over 70 pills and capsules every day, none of them prescription pharmaceuticals. It came to me in a burst of gel cap indigestion, that it MIGHT be as effective to just make a soup out of what I was trying to ingest in capsule form. My first attempts to make this drink, honestly, came from just opening up capsules and making a tea. I mixed what my mother had taught me about herbs and what I already knew about Western medicine from my EMT certification with the new research I found and came up with a satisfying, tasty drink that still gave me all the valuable properties I had been getting from the capsules. I then took the ingredients I found to be the most effective and the least harmful and replaced the capsule products (which had things like rice flour and preservatives in them) with pure organic and wildcrafted whole botanicals. I will tell you all about it and give you links to do your own research. What I have done here with this formula is what worked for me and you can try my tea or you can make your own. I found good dedicated vendors who were very free with their own research and advice and I appreciate all the help I've gotten along the way. I purchase my ingredients from safe sound quality sources and that is the advantage I offer you with my Zana13 formula. I urge you to continually research and read and look for all the wonderful curative botanicals that grow on our Earth.



I began working on the Zana13 formula to make my own survival more comfortable. Now I am ready to share these ancient plant secrets with everyone. There is no more marvelous mystery than the planet we live on. Breathe deeply. Love freely and with no expectations. Laugh loud and often!

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