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Professional Links.....
Adaptogens.org - The most current and complete site filled with the history of adaptogenic botanicals and their many uses. 
Online Medical Dictionary - The best online medical terminology dictionary I've found. No need to spell, literally every medical and diagnostic term is listed in alphabetical order.
Puritan's Pride - A very nice inexpensive way to experiment with herbs. They have a good selection of combinations for all needs.
iHerb.com - Another good resource. They are an outsource company featuring many brands at discount prices. 
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines - This is a National Institute of Health site and it has "at a glance" sheets on herbs and supplements. It is also a handy site to follow government opinion and intervention in herbal supplements.
The Annie Appleseed Project - This is a great site! It is a clearing house of all kinds of links for Complimentary Alternative Medicine and cancer, environmental issues, clinical trials, evaluations and studies on herbs, pain, vitamins and nutrition and more. This is a very globally minded organization and not only do they offer discussions about global impact and trends, they also have a directory of cancer clinics throughout the world. 

If you would like to exchange links with me, please email your URL to info@charismatism.com. I'll check it out, and if it fits in, I'll feature you in my site listing, and send a link that you can include on your site.

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