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By completing this purchase, you agree that you have read and understand the disclaimer. You understand that this product has not yet been approved by the FDA and while packaged safely and disclosed completely, because of the labeling, this product does not qualify for FDA approval at this time. 

Currently, all online purchases are transacted through PayPal. This seems to be the fastest and safest way for both of us.

To purchase any products on my site, simply use the add to cart  button that the folks at PayPal have so kindly provided me. You can add or delete items and can view your progress at any time by pressing the shopping cart icon.

If you prefer to purchase by check or money order, mail your shopping cart total along with the printout of the order page with your mailing address and send it to Charismatism Tea Company, 4918 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107 Please do not sent cash.

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