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Zana Pow! Super Fruit Sweet Berry

Available April 9, 2014 (Sorry. Product discontinued last year.)

I've taken the already high antioxidant Zana13 Adaptogennic Tea formula and punched it up with maqui berries from the fields and hillsides of Chile to provide my customers with a sweet berry flavor that goes well any time of the day and adds even more vitality to the tea. To make it as pleasant as possible, I also added a small amount the zero calorie, lo han guo.
This is the energy version of Zana13 for those who are more comfortable with a juice flavor than a tea. You can't go wrong with this new addition. Zana Pow! is delicious hot or chilled over ice and you can add the sweetener of your choice to bring out even more of the berry flavor. 

Zana Pow! Super Fruit Sweet Berry Tea comes in an 8 ounce jar and just like the original Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea, it contains 48 - 12 ounce servings. Just put one teaspoon in your mug and add 12 ounces of hot water. It makes a delicious beverage right away but let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes and the full flavor will burst out.
This is not just a "maqui flavored" drink. There are 4 ounces of powdered maqui berries in every jar. I use raw dried live berries to retain as much vitality as possible. The flavor is nice just the way it is but if you want even more flavor, add a small amount of your favorite sweetener-- agave nectar is mine!--and make it as tasty as you please. I have done my research, too. No only is maqui a really tasty fruit, this berry may lead to exciting advances in the treatment of colon cancer. 

I'm really sorry that this tea didn't sell better. It was a good flavor and product but most users preferred the full strength of Zana13. Since ZanaPOW! was only half the strength of the original formula, it didn't give the same exciting results. I'm working on a new ELDERBERRY TEA....  

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