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Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea Brochure

Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea

Patients utilize medicinal herbs for many reasons ranging from potentially terminal diseases like cancer and AIDS to more “modest” chronic ailments like migraines, back pain, skin rashes and depression. More often than not, these conditions and their standard treatments drastically reduce the energy level.  Low energy, stress and depression are real killers.

When I was diagnosed in 2005 with stage 4 cancer, I was given a very poor prognosis for survival past 6 months. I had immediate surgery as well as over $100,000 worth of chemo therapy. My survival expectations were reduced to 6 weeks so I moved back home to Ocean Beach, sat on the wall by the pier, drank soothing herbal teas and waited for the end to come.

It never did but the teas I brewed got more and more exotic and I felt my strength returning.  I began to control my symptoms and seriously raise my quality of life. I studied voraciously to learn which herbs would benefit me and eventually came up with the stress busting, energy formula that I call Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea.

Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea

is a patented combination of powerful herbs from around the world used historically to heal and cleanse and increase stamina, strength and focus.  Adaptogens are botanicals (herbs, roots, fungi) that help the body adjust fluid, hormone and enzyme levels to return to normal function after the body has been subjected to illness, stress or toxicity (rhodiola, ashwagandha, astragalus, eleuthero). I also included some of the highest antioxidants on the planet to build the immune system (pomegranate, mangosteen, schizandra berries and goji berries). I added a kidney tonic and flavor enhancer (sarsaparilla) and a liver cleanser (milk thistle). Because the adaptogens are so powerful, I added two famous aphrodisiacs (passion flower and damiana) though the reason they are included in the blend is because they are both nervines and put a softer edge on the power herbs. They also both act as analgesics or pain relievers. I also used the organic version of aspirin (white willow) for the same reason. And last, I added green tea as a flavor enhancer as well as an anticarcinogenic and tumor fighter. Green tea is the only ingredient in the 14 herb blend that contains any caffeine which makes the formula nearly caffeine free.

Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea makes an ideal complementary therapy for anyone who needs a higher energy level, pain management and a calming break from daily stress.
Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea helps manage fatigue without any of the negative qualities associated with caffeine, hoodia or guarana based products. There are no contraindications for mixing this tea with any pharmaceuticals with the exception of blood thinners. Before using with Warfarin or Coumadin, consult the prescribing physician.

Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea is blended & bottled in Ocean Beach, California, from domestic ingredients as well as ingredients responsibly imported with FDA approval from India, Mexico and China.

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