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Maqui Berry

Chilean Wineberry 

Can a small purple berry fuel unlimited stamina, heal innumerable health complaints and turn back the hands of time?

Maqui berry is a vibrant purple fruit that grows abundantly in the fields and hillsides of southern Chile. As a plentiful berry bush that grows wild, cultivation has not been necessary. Maqui contains 300% more anthocyanins and 150% more polyphenols than any other known food or beverage. For generations, the Mapuche Indians have consumed maqui as a fermented beverage. As legend has it, the Mapuche Indians are the only unconquered people of South America. Nourished by maqui, they fought the Spaniards for over 300 years --and won! Today, Mapuche families come together to hand pick the berries in traditional manner. The plants are naturally organic as long as their growing habitats are protected from industrial pollutants and encroaching civilization.

A sweet tasting and healing berry, maqui has been used successfully for a variety of ailments. Tumors, hemorrhoids, diabetes, colon cancer, fever and diarrhea are just a few of the health concerns that respond well to maqui berry. High in a type of anthocyanin called delphinidin, macqui is a potent anti-inflammatory. Since chronic inflammation contributes to a host of degenerative diseases like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, consuming ample quantities of inflammatory curbing maqui is a smart choice. 

Maqui packs a powerful punch by supporting heart health as well as balanced glucose levels and body weight. Antioxidants found in the berries prevent cholesterol from oxidizing in the blood which helps to deter cardiovascular disease including stroke, hardening of the arteries and heart attack. Eating maqui causes a notable increase of insulin which suppresses blood glucose. With this action, energy is stabilized without peaks and crashes, thereby limiting fat storage and assisting in weight management. As an added perk, macqui helps prevent food borne illnesses through its antibacterial properties. Rich in antioxidants, maqui counteracts free radicals and radiation that contribute to aging. Maqui is able to survive and thrive in harsh climates by producing extraordinary amounts of UV ray-deflecting phytochemicals which help protect the plant. These compounds also protect humans. Consuming phytochemicals can prevent damage caused by the sun, exposure, toxins and pollution and even reverse that damage! All this helps to promote a radiant ageles complexion. 

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