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Smilax Medica (Mexican variety)


As I searched for a way to make the flavor of my tea more palatable, I thought about how many roots I was using and then thought of the best old fashioned root flavor, sarsaparilla. This is one of the major flavors in root beer. I found that the sarsaparilla that is used for commercial beverages is an Indian variety but the version of the plant that grows in Mexico and Honduras, while a little more acrid or bitter, actually has some very nice tonic qualities, too,  including a very mild diuretic property that assists in kidney cleansing and whole body detoxification. Fortunately, it rounded out the flavor of Zana13. as well.
I recently added a new link. This is one of the times Wikipedia is really not an authority. Smilax Medica is not the plant they are talking about

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