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White Willow

Salix Alba


Here is where I get to actually demonstrate a little Native American pride. I have known about white willow most of my life. A tea made from the bark has a real painkilling effect. The pharmaceutical we know as "aspirin" is the chemical equivalent of white willow. They have identical blood thinning and pain easing properties. The significant difference between the two is that the stomach discomfort often associated with aspirin is absent in white willow.


This is the only component in my tea that has a warning attached. If you are taking a blood thinner or are planning a major surgery, be aware that Zana13 Adaptogenic Tea does contain white willow. I doubt that there is a dangerous level that could ever be achieved by drinking even 10 times the recommended dose, however, as with aspirin, the first sign of taking too much is a ringing in the ears.

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